The Republic: The Changes In The Dominican Republic

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Today, we Dominicans are lucky to be able to express and write our criteria without being afraid of being killed liked in 1930-1961. The Dominican Republic was under the dictatorial regime of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo for 30 years. Many things have changed since then, but not all of the changes have been a pro. The main changes have been in the economy, the countries social safety, and of course, the government. During Trujillos government, the country’s economy was at its best. He maintained a balance in the physical budget, the Dominican coin called “peso”, had the same value as the US dollar, and one of the most important facts is that he paid off the national debt. Today, the country has a debt of US$23,994.5 million, the physical budget is poorly spread, and one US dollar is worth 40.50 Dominican pesos. Although Trujillo had the country with no freedom, he repossessed control of Dominican costums that were previously under the power of the Americans and today, we still have control. The economy has gotten worse since…show more content…
Trujillo killed criminals and made them suffer, but he also killed innocent people that weren’t in favor of him and women who didn’t want to have coitus with him. Also, he controlled the countries migration. As of today, the country can call itself free. We now choose our governments with democracy. The people of the Dominican Republic are able to express what they feel without hesitating and free to get a chance of migrating in and out of the country. The so called “Trujillo era” had its pros and cons. The country suffered changes in a lot of aspects such as the economy, social safety, and the governments’ ways. A country is able to be both free and organized. If the present and/or future governments follow some of Trujillos footsteps and include a democracy, the Dominican Republic may be an amazing

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