The Psychological Disorder Of Adrian Monk

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The Psychological Disorder of Adrian Monk Nishant Thakur PSY1012 Media Project Submitted to: Janie Allen May 1, 2012 1. Synopsis Monk is an American comedy drama murder mystery series which debuted on July 12, 2002 on USA Network. It continued on the network for complete eight seasons gaining many critical acclaim and awards along the way. The final Season concluded on December 4, 2009. The series revolves around the life of Adrian Monk, a private detective who helps San Francisco Police Department, his previous employers solving murder cases. Known as the defective detective among the department, Monk’s attention to detail, amazing mindset and photogenic memory helps him solve a record number of cases for the police department. Adrian Monk is helped along the way by Sharona Fleming, his nurse at the beginning who ends up becoming his first assistant. After Sharona got married and moved to New Jersey, Monk starts working with Natalie Teeger as his assistant. While on the case, Monk is supervised by Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, who in the beginning doesn’t like the way monk operates, but then eases on as the series progresses. Captain Stottlemeyer is aided by Lieutenant Randy Disher, a naive and softhearted person who is known for his outrageous theories about murder. Monk is shown to frequent Dr Charles Kroger’s office, a soft spoken psychiatrist who helps monk cope up with his disorders. Dr Kroger is the only person that Monk shares the instances of his past. Adrian Monk shows some physical mannerisms while solving murders. His habit to tilt his head and looking at the case scene from between his hands as if framing a photographic shot, helps him to concentrate on a part of the crime scene while leaving the everything else out. Monk is trying to get back into the police department from which he was suspended after his mental breakdown which

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