Quintessential Killers-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Here I am, made it to the big 50, half a lifetime. Retiring after 25 years of Psychological work for Law Enforcement. Specializing in analyzing the minds of serial killers, in hopes to find out what makes them tick. To create a quintessential profile of the criminal mind. Using Repressed Memories as a tactic. In graduate school it was apparent I had a knack for reading people. I was fun at parties, no matter how much I had to drink, I could always get some random girl to take their clothes off, all by choosing the right words at the right time. We would take our spring vacations at various locations to the same effect. My Psychology Professor took me under his wing, challenged me with unsolved cases that the local Police couldn't solve. Then the FBI got interested in my expertise. After years of reading and watching tapes of killings, I couldn't have a relationship anymore, from the…show more content…
Maybe take on a case here and there, if the mood suits me. I found a place near my old stomping grounds as a teen. The bar that was there is long gone. Funny that the house they built next door is still there. It's a great location. So I bought it. I remember it being built during that time. That's when the dreams started. Nightmares really, they reminded me of the serial killings I had researched. All those videos...the tapes of torture and the soulless cowards that perpetrated them. I'd awaken trembling with fear, drenched with sweat, as if I had run a marathon. The dream was the same every time, but just a little more of the sequence was revealed each time it played out. The dream consist of a parking lot behind a bar and a girl happily drunk, holding hands with someone, she turns to face him...then is gets fuzzy. I see her in front of me, she's going to kiss me...then a knife diggs into her...over and over. Then I wake up with fright, as if it was me who did it. It takes me a few min to reassemble

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