The Production of Gender Inequality

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Gender is all the biological, physical, mental, behavioural, and social differences that determine masculinity and femininity. The gender of an individual is a complex concept as it includes many different characteristics such as appearance, speech, movement, and other factors not confined to the biological part of gender. In most societies the gender divided into binary systems (male or female), however there is always controversy about whether gender is biological or social construct .Gender inequality is a significant social problem that affects humanity through the centuries. With the passage of centuries and the evolution of human and human relations, gender differences, the economic interests and rights, created a large gap between genders, which then evolved into the inequality between the genders. Among hundreds of countries and therefore in thousands societies are normal partly to create and produce this phenomenon, but does not negate the fact that with the current proceedings of the century we live in is totally unfair to segregate and degrade our gender. Mainly economic interests hide and stakes behind gender inequality, with the result human rights of either racial groups being ignored and controverted. The production of gender inequality mainly starts from, simple gender discrimination, the economic capacity of each individual, social status, culture and the civilization. Moreover globalization, ’’the masculine world’’, capitalism, poverty and misery from the human sex in certain third world countries, racism, religion and the upsurge of feminism the last two centuries composers production system of gender inequality. The main difference and inequality created between the genders, is the different biological structure and different genetic characteristics of a men and women. From one side, the man from his nature has a most developed muscles
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