The Other Way

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------------------------------------------------- Literary essay on The Other Way by Shirley Ann Grau “The Other Way” is a short story written by Shirley Ann Grau and is a history about dilemmas and feeling obligated to stick through something you actually don’t want to. Our main character Sandra Lee comes home from school after a long day. Everything is as it usually is. Her mother and grandmother, which names isn’t giving, sits in the kitchen along with Norris, Sandra Lee’s handicapped aunt. Sandra Lee is asked to do some household tasks as always, but when her mother asks her how her day went and who she had lunch with, Sandra Lee breaks down after and says she wants to change school. The three older ladies gets mad, but not only do they manage to convince Sandra Lee to stay in the same school, they also make it feel like the question wasn’t ever asked. The short story is told through a third person narrator, who isn’t present in the text, but is still omniscient because he/she can see everything and feel the feelings of the people who actually appear in the story. It’s a common way of writing a fictional story, but it still always gives a mysterious feeling to the reader, especially at the points when Grau uses quick and short sentences. There is a lot of dialogue throughout the text, which makes the narrator more reliable. We’re in Louisiana, a southern and poor state in America. The time is not specifically specified, yet there’re still some indications that we’re back sometime in the seventies. First and most conspicuous is in the end of the story where Sandra Lee takes a fifty-cent coin, so she can buy milk for the next morning. Milk isn’t the most expensive thing, but I doubt that one can get it for 50-cent today. Also, because of Sandra Lee’s friend Alberta is leaving the school, she’s now the only black person left. Today I would seem unrealistic

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