The Nuremberg Laws: Adolf Hitler Behind The Holocaust

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The Nuremberg Laws Imagine finding a document signed by Adolf Hitler, the leader of such a large country. We all know to believe that Hitler was behind the Holocaust but do we really know that he was directly involved? Well we do now, and we can say he is affiliated with the persecution of the Jews. The Nazis expressed Anti-Semitic views by passing the Nuremberg Laws and other anti-legislation. The Nazis believed in what is known as Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the prejudice against Jews. Anti-Semitism played a large role in Religion and Economics. The Nazis rejected any beliefs or principles involving the Jewish religion as well as the Economic stand point. Hitler's Nazi racial ideal was called an “Aryan.” An Aryan is someone who is not Jewish, but a German or other northern…show more content…
A months later, two proposals were issued at a Party Rally in Nuremberg, which become the Nuremberg Laws (The Nuremberg Laws). A Party Rally was held to reinforce the power behind the leader. Out of the four Laws that were made, the two most important ones were the “Law Respecting Reich Citizenship” and the “Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor.” The first law stated that only Aryans had all legislative rights and would be contemplated as Reich citizens (Widoger 286). A Reich citizen is someone from the German state. The first law was the prominent reason to the start of the horrific life the Jews faced. Any person who did not follow the first law would be punished with harsh labor. The second law prohibited any marriage between Jews and Germans. Next, sexual relations outside marriage between the Germans and Jews was also forbidden. It also stated that Jews were not allowed to hire German females under the age of forty-five or show the German flag. Any person who broke law number two would be punished with prison or with harsh labor (Widoger
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