The Monkey's Paw by Edgar Allan Poe

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My favorite book is “The Monkey’s Paw” by Edgar Allen Poe. It is a horror story. It is about a family who finds a monkey’s paw. They heard of the legend that says whoever has the monkey’s paw has three wishes, but there is a catch. Every wish is taken literally. This spells tragedy for the family. The first wish the family made was for £2,000. The wife was wary of the situation. She had a feeling that something horrid was to happen. An officer knocked on their door. He said, “Your son was caught in the meat grinder. We are woeful of your loss.” He handed the husband £2,000 for compensation. The wife was distraught. She said, “I told you so”. He placated her. He was not worried. He knew that he had two wishes left. The wife was extremely skeptical, but she entrusted him yet again. He used his second wish. His wish was to bring their son back. Again the wife warned her husband. Again he didn’t take it into consideration. They went to bed that night. They heard a loud, thunderous knock on the door late that night. The husband got up with his wife trailing behind him. They headed slowly towards the front door. Again a deep knock sounded throughout the house. They heard the floor creak beneath them. He got closer and closer to the door. As he slowly turned the doorknob, his wife watched with great patience. She gripped his arm tighter. She looked at him with fearful eyes. He gave a look back ensuring her that they would be fine. He opened the door. On their doorstep lay a mangled up body. The wife screamed. They shut the door as quickly as humanly possible. The wife managed to look scared and stingy at the same time. He knew what he had to do. As the thundering knocks continued, he made his last wish. He wished their son to go back to his grave. Suddenly, there was no more knocking. They looked out the door. He was gone. They vowed that the rest of their lives
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