The Monkeys Paw

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Summary of “The Monkey’s Paw,” by W.W. Jacobs The Monkey’s Paw begins with a father and son playing a game of chess on a cold wet night. The White family was waiting on a visitor to come by their house outside of town. The quest Sargent-Major Morris arrived. Mrs. White poured him some whiskey. The Sargent-Major told stories of the war, then he proceeded to tell The Whites about the monkeys paw. It was magical. A very holy man put a spell on it so that three separate men could each have three wishes from it. Herbert White was intrigued by the monkey’s paw. Morris explained how the paw worked. He then threw it in the fire. Herbert grabbed it, wanting his three wishes. Morris told Herbert to be cautious if he kept it. They gathered around the table to eat supper. Sarget-Major Morris left to catch the last train for the night. Herbert made his first wish. He wished for two hundred pounds, when he did his hands became twisted like a snake. The next morning the White family acted basically as if nothing had happened the night before. That evening at dinner a man kept walking back in forth in front of their house. He finally walked through the front gate. The stranger was quiet for a little while, before he told the White’s why he was there. He came to tell Mr. and Mrs. White that their son was dead. He got caught in machinery while working. Maw and Meggins , the place where the Whites son was employed, claimed no responsibility and wanted to give the Whites a small compensation of 200 pounds. The Whites were devastated by the death of their son. The days to follow were full of fear that something else bad was going to happen. Mrs. White in the middle of the night came up with an ideal to bring her son back to life. The other two wishes. She awoke Mr. White and told him to get the monkeys paw to make the wish. Mr. White wasn’t

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