The Middle Passage: The Maximum Mass Movement

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The Middle Passage The middle passage was when African Americans were forced to go from the West Coast of Africa to the Caribbean’s where they were marketed, and sold for profit to the plantations owners. This journey was listed as the “Middle Passage” because it was considered the middle leg of the trading triangles, and this was constructed in the early stages of the colonial period. The Middle Passage started from even before 1619 an it was the arrival of the very first African slaves in British Northern America. However, as it developed it was initially amongst Portuguese and the West African mariners in the latter part of the fifteenth century. The Africans were taken or for better word use they were kidnapped by the Europeans and, by other Africans mostly for trading spoils of…show more content…
Many African slaves worked in the fields with rice, indigo, and tobacco. The “Middle Passage” stood for the critical section of the maximum Mass Movement in of the humanity in history which was the molding of the “Atlantic World”. Towards the end of the African slave trade for more than triple centuries the Atlantic slave trade more than ten million Africans were taken to America of the millions many died in the transition. The ones that survived came from 1701 until 1810 when more Africans reached the New World. Many were mostly sent to the plantations such as the sugar plantations this was mainly in Brazil and in the Caribbean’s. Seasoned slaves were preferred because they were already disciplined by their masters. Finally Africans survived the horrible treatment, and the conditions the most brutal of this was the Atlantic slave trade. When we look back at the struggles that the African Americans went through it testifies to humility and humanity as well as the spirit which is the corner stone as well as the middle of the African American

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