The Role Of Slaves In The American Revolution

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Miriam Barakat Due: 11/20/07 History Essay Slaves in the American Revolution Discrimination against blacks was intense throughout the United States. Owners tormented many slaves’ lives, but many slaves made it through by believing in their religion and in each other. The tormenting began even before the slaves reached the mainland of America. So the history goes way back in times, Americans weren’t the first ones. But in America they did have slavery; they were targeted and hunted down in Africa, their homeland, by their own African people who would capture them and sell them to slave owners in America. Sadly, the English settlers of North America turned to black slavery to solve their labor shortage. Most Africans brought to North America were used to produce the export crops (tobacco, rice, indigo, and cotton) that…show more content…
African Americans fought in the revolutionary war to revolt for their freedom and to take advantage of the war by making petitions. African Americans were really considered property in the eyes of whites they didn’t have a say in anything they were restricted from certain places and they weren’t allowed to vote. Whites gave them a perfect chance to try gaining their freedom; they raised the level of freedom suites and petitions to the legislature. The Somersett case, which was when James Somersett was taken to England and ran away so when they recaptured him they sued him for his freedom, made Mansfield (Chief justice of the kings bench) say that it is abhorrent and repulsive to go against such a positive law that would prevent the slaves from being agonized; his decision led to England outlawing slavery only in
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