The Mexican Men Short Story

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The dawn settles on the streets of Los Angeles. Two Mexican men sit at a burrito stand. They wear their dirty pochos as they count a large stack of hundred dollar bills (monopoloy money). Suddenly a man steps into the camera's view as he approaches the table. Both Mexican men look up with hard, worn looks on their faces. "How many burritos can I get you hombre?" asks one of the Mexican men. "I'll take seven grams of....burritos" says the mysterious figure. "Would you like it made with flour or ....aregeno?" asks the Mexican man as he pulls out two gigantic canisters labeled "weed" and "crack". He takes a big scoop of each and holds them over the flour tortillas that are laying on the table before him. "I'll have one of each" says the stranger who's face is hidden by his…show more content…
At this point Frecks grabs both of their heads and bashes them together, knocking them out of their chairs. "Top of the mornin to ya...douchebags!" Both Mexican men slowly and woozily sit up. "You may think you've got us Fords and Fiddleton, but we've got a secret weapon up our sleeves". Both men reach into a canister labeled "Speed + Crack + Steroid Burritos", pull one out and take a huge bite. They pop up suddenly and give a crazed yell. They then turn and punch Fiddleton in the face knocking him into the fence. Afterwards they proceed to run away forcing Fords and Fiddleton to give chase. [Chase Scene] At the conclusion of the chase scene Fords and Fiddleton stand over the now handcuffed men. They groan in pain after just having their asses thouroughly kicked. As they look down upon them with disgust Agent Fords replies "UUUGGGHHH.....yourself". A uniformed officer or two arrives to take them into custody as Agent Fords and Fiddleton turn to each

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