The Maya Slash And Burn Agriculture

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History is rich with stories of great human achievements. Back then, every other culture were still discovering new things, ideas, & places unlike the Mayans, who were really advanced for people of their times. Their knowledge was remarkable and now their work is known all over the world. The Mayan region was located in modern-day Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. They’ve lived there for 3,000 years. The Mayans were very intelligent and they used many of their resources. One of their most common things was to grow crops through which began the “Slash and Burn Agriculture.” This was a process of cutting down vegetation in a plot of land by setting it on fire and using the ashes to provide nutrients to the soil for planting crops.…show more content…
They traded many items such as: animal skins, cacao, cotton, honey and e.t.c. One of the most reliable resources was salt. Salt gets collected from the coasts but it was mostly collected from the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayans also as well grew corn and maize but they decided not to trade those items but instead to use it for their own society. Some cities as Copan and El Mirador traded items such as cacao, animal skin, and cotton. Many trades were made throughout the region as well as many trading routes. The map would’ve helped many people’s life back then because they would know who had which resource and make trades and it would give anyone the best and quickest directions to any cities they’d like to trade with. I think all these achievements of the Mayans required a big scale and much physical…show more content…
They are known as Long Calendar, Solar Calendar, and Tzolkin Calendar. These calendars were left by them long ago for the future to use this as their head-start. The Ritual calendar was used for to keep track of their religious events. The Solar Calendars were used to predict seasons and were also able to guess many things such as the solar eclipses and as well as the last day on earth for the humans which many people think is only a myth. They used a 20-day segments and 20-day months because the number “20” is what the whole numeric system is based upon. I believe that this task was a complete genius because of their usage of the astronomy, stars, sun, and other

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