The Main Causes Of Life Expectencies Essay

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Zakiya Sidney Mrs. Mandis English 9 GIS 6 Feb 2011 The main causes of life expectancy Many diverse countries make up the world; their differences vary from their economy, political system and health care. Between the different life spans of the three countries Chad, Egypt and France these factors play a heavy role. The life expectancy rate is dependent on the environment in which the person lives, according to the government’s laws regarding the sanitary conditions, as well as safety of not only that of their countries conflicts but also the internal health of a nation. Many causes aid to the extreme low life expectancy of Chad which is 46 to 47 years. Chad’s government is a Republic, which has cabinets, legislative and judicial branches with representatives, and people that are elected into office, such as chiefs of state. The government of Chad is rated number 123 in the world trade market, which is below average for exports and finances. Although, their government addresses different problems such as crime and epidemic but because of its poor economic structure there is limited funds that they are able to use (>). The political structure of Egypt was a representative government that held elections and contained a balanced political structure. Over the last decade the Egyptians have noticed, “Rising unemployment, persistent inflation and stagnant wages” (“Rutherford”cnn.). Then a few weeks ago they overthrew their long serving dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. With Ali overthrown, they were seeing how exactly their demonstrations and various protests have made a difference. As the sequence of events unravels three main factors will contribute to this countries welfare the protesters, Muslim brotherhood, and the military. The protestors decide what happens next and Muslims make up the protestors, people in government and the military, since

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