‘the Main Cause of the 1905 Revolution Was Bloody Sunday’

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‘The main cause of the 1905 revolution was Bloody Sunday’ Discuss your answer. In 1905, Father Gapon marched 150,000 workers to the winter palace to hand over a petition to the tsar. The guards of the winter Palace opened fire on the innocent workers, killing an unknown number of unarmed people, including women and children. The living conditions in Russia at the time of 1905, was horrible. The workers were barely earning enough to live off, the living conditions were unsanitary, and there was no proper health or education services. The petition wanted the Tsar to make some changes. -An 8 hour working days -Fair wages -End to the war with Japan -And an election of a National Parliament. However, there was many other factors that could have started the Revolution. The Russian People were both annoyed and embarrassed by the Russo-Japanese war. There had been many embarrassing defeats, and they were not going to win. The Population knew this, and they wanted it to end. There was no point fighting a war, which there was no reason for, other than the Tsar wanted to prove to the world how big and powerful Russia was. The war, so far, wasn't working out for anyone. It had only concluded that the biggest country in the world wasn't as big and powerful as people first thought. The petition would help end the war, which was why many people joined the peaceful march, in hope of ending such a pointless thing. There was also a constant short supply of food, meaning famine’s were common in both the countryside and in cities. The pressure for food was high, and the food itself was in high demand. Due to the fact that the Trans-Siberian Railway hadn't been finished, there wasn't an easy way to transport food. The people of Russia wanted someone to sort this out, and the only person they could turn to was the Tsar, however he wasn't willing to do

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