Regulated Influence Analysis

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Professor Pierce HIST 2020-501 “Regulated Influence” Without the free market enterprise the country would fail. You could see civil liberties slip away one by one. The freedoms of each and every person could be at stake. The American way of life could cease to exist. In the late 1800s times were tough, living and working was brutal, due to the conditions and the lack of safety regulations, scarce supplies of food, over population due to the vast amounts of immigrants filled the cities, money was hard to come by, because monopolies were controlling the market place, influencing consumer pricing and purchasing the “haves” could get it, while the “have not’s” had to fight for it (Doc-4). The free market is the strength of this great nation, with…show more content…
On the other hand, the government should not over reach and control the destiny of the company by purchasing land for the expansion of a particular industry as it did for the railroad business. The congress by the late 1880’s was referred to as ‘The bosses of the Senate’ (text-16) controlling the trust, congress was willing to do the bidding of big business. Monopolies empowering the economic trade in the U.S. validated the claim that the fat man is getting fatter and the poor man is still starving, hence the introduction of the ‘Sherman act of 1890’ (doc-9). Politics was never meant to be a career for one to gain riches, but with the big businesses needing subsidies’ tax breaks and reforms it was easy to get tangled in a situation where money was freely traded for corporate favor through
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