The Last Spin

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The last spin Gangs are often one of the worst problems for the communities they influence youth negatively and lead them into lives of crime and violence. The last spin is a short story written by Evan Hunter, showing the major theme in the text of gang culture, as well as going into the minor issue of friendship or relationships. In order to see how the reader is positioned to react to such important themes it will be necessary to use the author’s narrative elements for they have been used to bring up thoughts and feelings. Settings from all texts will play a key role over the characters and plot. Country is usually important because it tells where the event happened and telling by the sentences it can be said that it was in America, the sentences that has the characters speaking seems to take time like how Americans talk as it will be explained in the dialogue of the characters. It was a time in probably around the 1960’s where gang culture had a rule if you find a guy from a different gang then he is considered as your enemy and today around the world where gangs are that is still the case. The story opens up where Dave and Tigo are sitting the opposite of each other where they’re getting ready to start there so called gang battle. The environment was a cold winter in an empty basement where they went to start their battle with a game called Russian cop roulette. It was probably their jackets that lead them to start the fight because both Dave and Tigo have a different jacket which is why they started this battle. “Except you wear a blue and gold jacket and you wear a green and orange one Dave said.” This quote anyone would think isn’t relevant because it’s just their clothing well that’s not the case because the quote reinforces why Dave and Tigo wanted to start this battle and it’s because there jackets reprents a symbol of who they are and what gang
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