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Mustafa Tahir Mrs.Macleod English 521 22 October 2013 Discussion Points: I Am Legend by Richard Matheson I have finished reading the book, and my discussion points are as follows: Quotation: They all stood looking up at him with their white faces And suddenly he thought, I'm the abnormal one now. Normalcy was a majority concept, the standard of many and not the standard of just one man. Abruptly that realization joined with what he saw on their white faces -- awe, fear, shrinking horror -- and he knew that they were afraid of him. To them he was some terrible scourge they had never seen, a scourge even worse than the disease they had come to live with. Robert Neville looked out over the new people of the earth. He knew he…show more content…
From Neville’s point of view, he was doing what he thought was right. He couldn't lie down and let the vampires run over him, he was just defending himself. He had no idea he was killing some sentient beings (Hybrids). They didn't exactly help, constantly attacking his home and taunting him. He also thought he had to fight to survive but at the same time he had not idea what was going to happen. He was fueled by alcohol, depression and anger and murders them when they're vulnerable. What other option did he have other than never going out and going insane in his own home? From the infected’s point of view, he was a threat to the new way, and since he couldn't be rehabilitated, he had to be dealt with another way. He was also the lone 'gunman' in the new society. If there was the same amount of humans as vampires, then it could be considered that he was just another soldier, as it was he was the vampire societies 'boogeyman'. The society may also think that he was a serial killer - he's been sneaking into their homes in the morning and murdering them, and don’t care if he was confused and didn't know about the two separate vampire cultures ( the hybrids and the real

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