The Inner Party

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In the book 1984 by George Orwell, there is a large imbalance between the individual and the society. The individual within the society is treated unfairly, and the government is the main force behind the unjust treatment. Is it fair that the individual cannot have emotions toward the Inner Party? Is it fair that the citizens in 1984 have no privacy what so ever? Is it fair, that if he or she doesn’t love Big brother, then he or she must get vaporized? These are a few of the many harsh, cruel and biased rules that the society bashes upon the mere thirteen percent of the Outer Party versus the two percent of the Inner Party, and the 85 percent of the proles! The Inner Party enforces the implementation of an invented language called Newspeak,…show more content…
No one is trusted, and they go so far as to planting hidden microphones in places such as on walls, in peoples houses or in shrubbery to catch proles or citizens of the Outer Party breaking the rules of the government, such as saying bad things about the government to one another. Everywhere an individual went, he or she was followed. The Inner party also used telescreens to keep an eye out for rule breakers. Winston for an example was even watched through telescreens in his own house. To get back at the Inner Party, the individuals of the Outer Party should install hidden telescreens and microphones in their faculties so the Outer Party members know what the Inner party members are doing just as much as they know what the Outer Party members are doing. Why must the individual love Big Brother? In our current society, not everyone loves George Bush. Big Brother takes away freedom, thoughts, and ruins lives of all the individuals in his society. Using the hidden microphones the members of the Outer Party will plant in the faculties of the Inner Party, they should find out when Big Brother goes somewhere alone, and when he least expects it, Big Brother will get what he
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