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Bryan Diaz Br. Herb AP United States History Period 4 8 November 2012 Democratization DBQ The democratization of politics of the United States is most commonly said to have occurred during the Jacksonian era. While there are obviously many arguments defending that point, there are also many arguments that go against it. Some of those opposing arguments are restriction of citizens’ rights, corrupt bargaining, and use of unnecessary military force on the nation’s citizens. Points in favor of this statement include some nations allowing suffrage with no qualifications, designating land for the Indians, and allowing citizens to make any association they want. The definition of democracy during this era was also arguably quite different. The semi-new nation had its fair share of flaws. Many citizens had restricted rights. Indians and blacks in particular had very limited rights as citizens of the U.S. In Document 2, one can clearly see that, as more states entered the nation, the number of states with racial exclusions increased as well. Also, the Cherokee Indians in Document 5 take not of the fact that they are being subjected to “intolerable oppression.” They notice the fact that their national and individual rights are being withheld under the U.S. government. They are also being forced to move from their current location after being forced to move from their original land and new lands countless times. Document 3 also shows the dark side of the Electoral College. It shows that bribery from the candidates to the electors could be used to secure their votes. This obvious corruption alters the system to a point where the voters may as well not have even voted. Since their votes are almost completely disregarded, it is almost as though they did not even vote in the first place. Document 7 talks about unnecessary use of military force on the nation’s own citizens.
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