The Importance Of Consumer Perception

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Consumer characteristics and behavior explaining the PL proneness constitute the widest research field within the PL literature, as most of them are latent constructs that require greater modelling effort. Generally speaking, when consumers chose among brands, they rely on a consid-eration set that provides simplifying heuristics (or mental shortcuts) that helps them to cope with complex information and decision making. Consideration sets contain the specific brands that consumers consider from among the subset of brands that they are aware of. Thereby, the consideration set influences decision making more than objective criteria. Consumers add brands to their consideration set on the basis of information that is stored in their memory or…show more content…
a) Quality Perception Quality is a key determinant of consumer choice and thus has a strong impact on the PL success (Olbricht, Jansen and Hundt 2016, 296). In line with this argumentation, Sethuraman and Gielens (2014, 149) prove in a meta-analysis of 54 market studies that PL quality perception positively influences the pur-chasing behavior as it directly influences the PL image and reduces consumer risk. Based on experimental research on consumer perceptions, it is found that consum-ers rely heavily on extrinsic cues such as packaging, price and brand name to eval-uate the quality of a product. These are particulary important if experience infor-mation is missing. Hence, the PL lacking extrinsic cues are perceived of lower quality than comparative NBs (Thiel 2014, 263). Girard et al. (2017, 50) come to a similar conclusion by evaluating the consumer-based brand equity of a PL. Results reflect that perceived quality significantly decreases perceived risk and increases per-ceived value, brand association, and loyalty for the store brand in…show more content…
(1998, 293) develop a PL attitude scale. The authors conclude that PL shoppers perceive them-selves as “smart shoppers” who are actively seeking a cheaper version of a product instead of being victims of impulsive purchase decisions. Based on these findings it is suggested that the general PL Attitude serves as moderator within the PL con-sumer decision making process. The recent trend of PL professionalization, however, comes along with higher in-vestements in marketing and branding and more consumer centric approach. Partic-ularly the use of online platforms (e.g. Instragam and Facebook) increases brand visibility (Euromonitor 2017, 8). Against this background, it becomes more difficult for the consumer to distinguish PL from other brands leading to challenges to measure PL attitude as holistic consumer factor influencing PL success. Hence, it is suggested to treat each PL as singular brand (Martos-Partal et al. 2015, 197). Particularly in connection with the increase in quality, consumers are treating PL more often as another true brand (Gielens 2010,

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