The Importance Of Breaking The Rules In Romeo And Juliet

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Emma Cutroni Romeo and Juliet Essay Rules were made to prevent bad things from happening. But are all rules really necessary? Sometimes people have to break the rules in order to accomplish tasks. In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Romeo gets news of the Capulet party he crashes it knowing his household isn’t allowed but enters anyway to see Rosaline. Upon arrival he spots Juliet from across the room and asks himself, “Did my heart love till now?” When they first met it was as if the stars aligned and everything was perfect until they realized what household each other were from. That didn’t stop them from loving each other though. Romeo and Juliet had a special connection one that we can only hope to experience in our lifetime. Romeo knew the rules before going to the Capulets house for the party, but felt that the reward was worth the risk. The afternoon after Romeo gets marries to Juliet, Tybalt and Mercutio get into a fight in town. It ends up with Tybalt killing Mercutio because Romeo held onto Mercutio’s arm and allowed Tybalt to puncture him. Once Mercutio is dead Romeo becomes vengeful and takes off after Tybalt in order to make up for what he did to Mercutio. During the fight between Romeo and Tybalt, Tybalt dies. Even though Romeo runs after Tybalt dies, Benvolio…show more content…
Hearing this brakes down in tears and begs her parents to not make her do it or to give her more than just three days. When they enforce what they said Juliet goes to Friar Laurence in hopes he will be able to help her. Upon her arrival Fair Laurence gives Juliet a vial of liquid that will make her appear dead, so she can run away and be with Romeo. Even though Juliet was an obedient child she broke the rules not only but refusing to marry Paris but by pretending to be dead in order to live a happy life with
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