The Importance and Accountability of the Midwifery Profession

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Zoe Foster

The Importance of Responsibility and Accountability in the Midwifery Profession

A midwifes role is unique. They promote health and wellbeing and facilitate the physiological processes of pregnancy, also being accountable for the quality of care given. Midwives must practise to the Nursing and Midwifery code of conduct which is set out by the NMC. Patients rely on these professionals and put their trust upon them to care for their wellbeing and health. Building trust is essential. The code of conduct states firstly to ‘Treat people as individuals’ this meaning that each person has different needs but also each person is equal to the next person. Each individual should be treated fairly and not discriminated against, proving the appropriate care and given sufficient support and advice whilst being sympathetic and understanding. ‘Confidentiality’ is vital. The patient’s information should only be disclosed where necessary, such as if there is reason to believe they are at risk of harm or somebody else in their care is at risk and then only should it be disclosed to the suitable professional. Each individual has right to confidentiality. ‘Collaborate with those in your care’ communication is a key point in listening and responding to the person’s requirements, preferences and concerns. Also ensuring they can maintain their heath and care for themselves. ‘Consent’ each person has rights to agree to or decline so confirming consent is important to initiate care and treatment. Assisting and being involved in any decisions whilst taking into consideration the persons best welfares. Midwives must ‘Maintain boundaries’ such as clear professional relationships and should not receive anything from the patient in exchange for privileged treatment. Working as a team and sharing material with colleagues to observe your work helps to maintain safety and regulations of
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