The Impact of the Computer on Math Courses Essay

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Writing Assignment #3: Research Supported Essay The Impact of the Computer on Math Courses This paper deals with the effect and impact of computers on teaching and assisting in the instruction of elementary and secondary school math courses. We will see how computers can and have assisted in and improved the teaching of math to elementary and secondary school students. By utilizing computer and visual assisted aids, the teachers are better able to present the class work in a more interactive and interesting way. Currently, many school systems are employing out-of-field teachers to teach math in their schools due to financial constraints or just insufficient qualified math teachers. This means that teachers; science, English, or history teachers not specifically schooled in the teaching of mathematics are teaching these classes. It is very difficult for public schools to compete with private schools when it comes to recruiting qualified teachers, especially when it comes to salary and benefits. Not too many qualified teachers really want to teach in the inner city areas of major metropolitan areas. Between the low pay and the attitudes of many of the students, it’s not a very appealing proposition to most teachers, qualified or otherwise. “A November 2008 Education Trust study found that 22% of all mathematics courses in secondary schools are taught by teachers with neither a state certification nor an academic major in mathematics or a math-related subject.” Elizabeth Debraggio , Cecilia Elena Rouse , Lisa Barrow, 23 December 2008. They have supplemented these teachers with teacher’s assistants and computer based solutions. All the studies that will be presented in this paper and most studies that have been done on this subject have shown an increase in student grades and participation in mathematics classes. One computer based

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