The Hornets Nest

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The Hornet’s Nest By: Jimmy Carter The book The Hornet’s Nest follows many characters throughout the course of the Revolutionary War. It takes place in Georgia and the Carolinas which are two geographic regions that are not typically discussed in the context of the Revolutionary War. In this book there is more to the story than the war from the viewpoint of the Americans, some parts are told from a loyalist point of view and others from the point of view of a slave. This adds another aspect to the story that some other Revolutionary War books are missing. Three key historical concepts found in the book are the actions of the Whigs or Patriots, the actions of the Tories or Loyalists, and the influence of the Native Americans on the Revolutionary War. The radical Whigs or Patriots are shown in this book by the characters Elijah Clarke and Aaron Hart. Elijah Clarke was a normal farmer until a band of exiled Native Americans attacked his farm and he decided to move from the Carolinas to Georgia. When he got to Georgia Clarke brought together a group of radical Whigs to get revenge on the tribes that attacked him. The first true militia of Whigs shown in the book was the Regulators who started in North Carolina just before the start of the Revolutionary War. They were not as radical or as large as the Liberty Boys and got their point across by sending petitions to Parliament. Unfortunately many of the leaders of the Regulators wanted to take the group in a more radical direction which caught the attention of British officials who promptly decided to arrest the members and hang the leaders after a meeting of the group at Alamance Creek. The battle of Alamance ended the Regulator rebellion. In class we have discussed many rebellions of various origins and this is a good example of one. We also discussed how the Whigs first tried to get a change by peaceful means, but
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