The Highwayman Essay

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Highwayman assessment At the beginning of the poem, the mood is gloomy, mysterious and incomprehensible. The poet creates this by using metaphors such as, ‘the wind was a torrent of darkness’ and ‘the moon was a ghostly galleon. The poet describes colour when he says, ‘a coat of the claret velvet’ and he also describes colour when he says, ‘breeches of brown doe skin’. The poet uses repetition when he says, ‘The Highwayman came riding-riding-riding- The Highwayman came riding, up to the old inn door.’ This has an effect on the reader as it emphasises the movement of the highwayman. This affects the reader as it adds to the tension. The poet also uses alliteration when he mentions, ‘he whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there’. This shows the words of alliteration in this stage of the poem. The words used are: whistled, window, who, waiting. The poet is using these words to improve on the structure of the poem. He makes the reader feel as if someone is actually whistling to you when you read the poem. Alfred Noyes uses personification in the Highwayman an example of this would be ‘There was Death at every window’, this was phrase used because the soldiers set up an ambush for the highwayman. They wait up in Bess's window with their muskets ready. This is a dangerous trap for the highwayman – these guys will shoot to kill. The phrase ‘and hell at one window’ meant that the cruelty of the soldiers and the pain of her situation have put Bess in a private hell. Not only do the soldiers tie Bess up, they make fun of her too. They make "sniggering jests" (mean little jokes).Then they tied up a gun next to her, with the barrel pointing right at her chest. I believe they did this to scare her, to keep her in line, although the speaker doesn't exactly say. Imagery is another poetic device that Alfred Noyes uses for example ‘black cascade of
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