The Globe Theater

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During the Elizabethan era, The Globe Theater was the place where many different people could get together and be entertained for an afternoon. The architecture of the theater influenced how plays were performed while the props added to the professionalism of the plays being produced. The actors were the most important piece of the theater since without them; the theater would not have flourished as much. The architecture, props, and actors were all essential necessities that contributed to The Globe Theater’s success. The Globe Theater was built in 1599, in the Southwark district of London. The land the Glove was built on was inherited by William Shakespeare’s friend, Nicholas Brend. (Nardo 19). Both Shakespeare and his friends, the Burbages, made a deal with Brend in late 1598, and immediately started the project. (20). The method they used was known as wattle-and daub. “The wattle consisted of numerous tree branches, some of oak, others of hazel wood.” (24). The Globe Theater was a circular building. Once “ . . . the frame, galleries, walls, and roof were all in place, it was time to begin work on the heart of the theater” (25). The stage of the theater was built next. More than just boards, it consisted of two major sections. “One was the front stage, which projected outward into the ‘yard,’ the central portion of the theater. The other major section was the tiring-house, a separate structure that merged with the theater’s outer perimeter” (27). “The two stories lying above the rear stage in the tiring house featured open galleries similar to those in which the spectators sat” (31). Inside the Globe Theater, the wooden ceiling was called the Heavens. Above the Heavens was an enclosed area, which was known as the hut. Behind the main entrance, a curtain blocked off the changing area’s for the actors. Shakespeare and friends, “ . . . constructed

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