The Gender Wage Gap

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The Gender Wage Gap: Examination of Possible Causes and Changes MGT 4613 - Compensating Employees November, 2010 University of Texas at San Antonio The Gender Wage Gap: Examination of Possible Causes and Changes Abstract Plenty of research has been done on the topic of the pay differentials between men and women, and has repeatedly concluded that there is significant variation. This paper explores some common explanations for this variation, as well as tries to use recent research to eliminate factors for the unexplained fraction of the gap. Taking a look at culture, stereotypes, job segregation, fringe benefits, and how influential female leadership roles within organizations affect female subordinates, to try and explain how the gender wage gap continues to be an issue. Introduction Human Resource professionals as well as Social Scientists have been reviewing the different reasons for the inequity in pay for men and women for several decades. This paper will start with the most common beliefs for the gender-related pay differentials, and then look at how a society’s culture plays its part in the gender wage gap. A study breaking down explanation s for the gender wage gap into three levels to identify how culture plays a part on an individual level, an occupational level, and an organization-wide or industry level (Grosso & Smith, 2007). Then, another study discussed in this paper considers the correlation between the amounts of housework males and females are tasked with and how traditional gender roles at home relate to the work place. The study gives some insight on how traditional gender roles translate to a working environment and contributes to the gender wage gap (Chichilnisky & Frederiksen, 2008). Another study discussed in this paper takes a look at how a job segregation and stereotypes affect the career choices women make and how a

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