The Future of Sitcom

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“What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish.” -W.H. Auden Don’t you feel that the world is moving so fast? Especially in the world of media, it’s hard to catch up. Media is an important tool for people to learn new things, get the information, and also for pleasure. We watch the news in the morning. We listen to the radio while we are driving. We read newspaper. When we get home, we sit back, relax, and watch TV show. The media is everywhere. It’s circling around you. The content and technology have changed really fast during the past ten years, but what about in the next ten years? My focus is on the situation comedy or as we all call it sitcom. What sitcom is going to be like in 2024? The information including the content, production, and technology based on my observation of how it has been developing in the past, from I Love Lucy to How I Met Your Mother. Content In the early age of television, the contents were borrowed from the radio programs, whether dramas or comedies. Television sitcom is like a phoenix bird from the ashes of radio business. Regarding the popularity of the sitcom is now not as big as before. According to Brett Mills from his book The Sitcom, the audiences and producers are shifting the direction more into reality show since reality show costs less money to produce, more flexible, can run for a really long period and that the audience will eventually be familiar with the show. But can sitcom steal back the audience’s attention? In order to get the audience’s acceptance, we must know first what content the audience wants to watch. The reason why people watch sitcom is because they want to relax, to get away from their reality world for a while. Sitcom speaks for itself by its name Situation Comedy. Therefore, it still has to be
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