Comparing Brave New World: Similarities Between World State And West Hill

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Aldous Huxley was either a psychic or God because whatever he wrote in the novel, is actually happening in today’s society. Even if he was imagining these things, he had a commendable imagination. Today, imagination and creativity are diminishing because people are too busy in catching up with television shows, shopping during sales etc. After reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and learning about the World State, I have started to notice some of the themes in my own surroundings. West Hill Collegiate shares a lot of similarities with the World State. Both the places have tried to maintain their stability by killing their self-identities and increasing their group identity. World State and West Hill, experience the loss of individuality…show more content…
It is also one of the reasons that cause loss of individuality in the novel. It exists in a lot of forms. Humans are reproduced by the Bokanovsky process in which “a bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, will divide. From eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. Progress ”[Chapter 1, Page 4]. If individuals have the same genes and are raised in the same environment, they’re not going to be different than others. Similarly at West Hill, students are depending on technology than themselves which leads to plagiarism. Plagiarism is something where a person is copying whatever he or she is reading without thinking. By doing this they’re portraying themselves as someone else. It also suggests that do not have thoughts of their own. In order to make a society stable, people are required to get rid of their individuality. In the World State, people are encouraged to take soma whenever they start to get sad. Soma is one of the key components that keeps the society stable by increasing the group identity. Soma also portrays the incompatibility between truth and happiness because by consuming soma, they avoid the truth whenever they are sad. It conceals their sadness and fills it with fake happiness. Mustapha Mond sees soma as a perfect tool to maintain the stability. He thinks that “there's always soma to give you a holiday from the facts. And there's always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long-suffering” [Chapter 17, Page 217]. It also exists in West Hill in many forms. Technologies such as the internet and media act as soma which distracts the students from something that is important. For example, if a student does bad on a test, instead of trying hard they spend time on the internet

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