‘the First World War Had a More Significant Impact on the Development of the Russian Government Than Any Other War in the Period 1855-1964’. How Far Do You Agree?

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‘The First World War had a more significant impact on the development of the Russian government than any other war in the period 1855-1964’. How far do you agree? Undoubtedly across the period from 1855 to 1964 Russian government developed significantly in a number of key aspects as a direct consequence of its wars. However, the issue over which war should be considered most pivotal in its impact on the Russian government’s development is less clear-cut. Examining the impact of wars on the issue of who ruled Russia, its ideological basis, its level of democracy and the level of repression that accompanied it, it seems fair to say that the First World War indeed had the most significant impact, though rivaled closely by the Russian Civil War in particular. Firstly, the effect of wars on who ruled Russia is a fairly distinct matter, given that only some had any direct influence on this issue. Most notably, only the First World War resulted in an actual change in the hands of power. This can be seen firstly with the abdication of Nicholas II as a result of the protests over the war following his decision to command the army in the war and leaving Tsarina Alexandria to rule, allowing discontent to proliferate and ultimately ending his and the tsars’ hold on power. Then the Provisional Government, having only held power for a matter of months, was swept aside by the Bolsheviks, again as a direct consequence of the Provisional Government’s precarious and undefined stance over the escalating crisis of the First World War, as well as the skilled way in which the Bolsheviks harnessed this frustration to gain support from naval bases and ultimately seize power. Arguably Khrushchev’s ousting from power also came as a result of the Cold War through the unpopularity he gained following his backing down over the Cuban Missile Crisis and unsatisfactory living standards due
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