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The Dutch Flower Cluster Case Essay

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The Dutch Flower Cluster Case is being developed by the Nyenrode
Strategy Center of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit in
cooperation with the Dutch Flower Auction in Aalsmeer. Please
note that this is a concept version of this case. Feel free to
use this case and discuss it with your students. Please note
that this case has not yet been registrated.
Nyenrode Strategy Center 2008



The Dutch Flower Cluster
The Netherlands is a small, densely populated country in northern Europe, bordered by
Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. Much of the country’s surface lies below sea level and
throughout history the coastal areas have witnessed many floods. However, these neighboring waters
and its strategic location at the North Sea allowed the Netherlands to become a sea-faring nation and
involve itself in trade. Especially in the 17th Century, the Dutch ‘Golden Age’, merchants sailed the
world’s oceans, and cities like Amsterdam were among the main logistics, trade and financial centers
of Europe.

Even today, the Netherlands is still well-known for innovative logistics and international
trade. The port of Rotterdam, one of the largest in the world, and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are
important hubs for import and export.
Flowers and plants are major Dutch export products. Dutch exports of floricultural products
(cut flowers, pot plants, and propagation material) are the most important category and in 2004
represented a sales turnover of 4,873 million euros, contributing more than 20% to the national trade
surplusi and accounting for 55 to 60% of global sales in such products. ii In fact, since 1980, the world
import market for flowers and flower-related products has grown more than 5-fold and the Dutch
cluster has played a dominant role in the worldwide flower trade ever since its early beginnings. This
in spite of the fact that the Netherlands has never enjoyed an ideal climate for horticulture.


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