The Diverse Nature of Psychology Essay

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The Diverse Nature of Psychology PSY 490 Name April 22, 2013 The Diverse Nature of Psychology The diverse nature of psychology is to study and understand the mental processes of human behavior. There are various aspects to consider when studying such complexity of the human body and its behavior. This paper will evaluate the influence of diversity in the field of psychology’s major concepts. Two examples of major concepts and of subtopics will be presented and how they can be applied to other disciplines. In addition, the author will expand on the personal theoretical perspective of how she feels her knowledge will contribute to her psychological society. Influence of Diversity To completely understand human nature is to understand the psychological discipline, which evolved from the roots of philosophy. The complexity of this needed more than one specific perspective that later on led to various divisions of development within the discipline. There are 54 subdivisions in the psychological approach that are recognized through the America Psychological Association (APA) today (Cherry, 2012). Some subdivisions include other branches of perspectives of an individual’s behavior; such as environmental psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavior influence the perceptions of human behavior. Each of the major concepts of psychology influence the different aspects of individual behavior, such as social, cultural, cognitive, and spiritual factors, which explains an individual’s behavior based on theories. Environmental Psychology Environmental psychology is considered a young behavioral science with various aspects such as physical, psychological, and then the explanation to how individuals effect the environment and vice versa. There are many world events that affect our environmental psychology,

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