Psychology Report M1

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M1: To achieve M1 you will write a report. Choose two of the perspectives and extend your explanation to assess (give careful consideration) to all of the factors which may apply. Identify the most important points or factors and determine the value or importance of these with regard to the study of human behaviour. In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of human behaviour, I shall examine further two of the psychological perspectives already discussed. By going into further detail of these perspectives, I will be able to assess their contribution to our comprehension of human behaviour; using research studies to give basis to my arguments. The two perspectives I have chosen to cover are the biological and social learning perspectives. The Biological Perspective The biological perspective concentrates on the human body, and proposes physical factors as the driving force in behaviour. This means that mental illnesses are regarded as just that; illnesses, and that they are caused by a change in the body just like any other illness or disease. Biological psychologists believe that the key aspects of neuroanatomy, biochemistry and genetics are crucial in our understanding of human behaviour. I shall examine some research studies in order to assess the value of this approach in regard to the study of human behaviour. One example of how the biological approach can be used in our understanding of human behaviour is the study of eating disorders. Eating disorders is a term that describes a seriously disrupted appetite or eating habit. One of the most common types of eating disorder is anorexia nervosa, where the person suffering from it lives in fear of becoming overweight, and therefore starves themselves despite being dramatically underweight. The biological explanation of anorexia nervosa proposes that such a disorder is caused by physical
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