The Dichotomy Between Religions in the Mists of Avalon Essay

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[pic] THE DICHOTOMY BETWEEN RELIGIONS IN THE MISTS OF AVALON Marana Quintana Gonçalves The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983) is a retelling of the Arthurian legends seen from the perspective of the female characters. Taking place at a time when the struggle between Christianity and Pagan Religion was a dominant theme Bradley’s novel shows a period when woman was subjugated and blamed for all mankind’s misfortune. In a time when Britain and the Celtic religions are in danger of succumbing to the Saxons and Christianity is taking over the island of Britain, Morgaine was responsible for preserving the religion of the Great Goddess and so saving Avalon of getting lost in the mists. Before Morgaine, there was Viviane, the Lady of the Lake. One of the major goals of Viviane was to preserve her religion against the spread of Christianity, which claimed the Goddess was evil and that Christianity was the only true religion. The high priestess of Avalon was capable of anything to make destiny come true, she manipulated her sister Igraine and deceived Morgaine, all for Avalon’s sake. This fact leads us to think about how different Pagans and the Christians behave. In the first place there are two religions fighting each other instead of coexisting as it had already been said. In a first moment Pagans were fine coexisting with Christians, actually it had been planned by Merlin and Viviane, this way Arthur would be responsible for ruling a place where both religions were supposed to coexist peacefully. However, Christians hold the belief that women are the root of all evil and inferior to men that is why Christianity represented the patriarchal society, which believed that religions where people worship a Goddess had to be evil simply because women are evil, and the matriarchal society was represented by Paganism. In this point the

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