The Denver Nuggets

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The Denver Nuggets are a professional basketball team based in Denver, Colorado. They were founded as the Denver Rockets in 1967 as a charter franchise of the American Basketball Association, and became one of the league's more successful teams. After changing their name in anticipation of a merger, they joined the NBA in 1976. The name "The Denver Nuggets" refers to the 19th century mining boom in Colorado, when people rushed to the area, hoping to make their fortunes by panning gold and silver nuggets. It does not in any way refer to chicken nuggets. Rocky the Mountain Lion is the teams’ mascot and is one of the top ten sports mascots in professional sports today. He makes over one million dollars annually and is the highest paid mascot in the NBA. The team is owned by E. Stan Kroenke and their head coach is George Karl, who makes 3 million dollars a year. They play their home games at the Pepsi Centre. The team changed their uniform a total of six times before the year 2010. Now, their team colors are powder blue, gold, white, and navy blue. Carmelo Anthony, who was drafted in 2003, is currently the team’s best player. Since he was drafted, the Nuggets have not missed the playoffs, and have won the division title twice. He makes over 13 million dollars a year. They have a total of 1,732 All-time wins and 1,768 All-time losses, and their All-time winning percentage is 49.5%. On March 16, 2008, the Nuggets scored 168 points in a 168–116 home win over the Seattle Supersonics. It was the third-most points scored for a regulation game in NBA history. When the Nuggets first began as one of the original members of the new American Basketball Association, they were worth 35,000 dollars. After a while, two-thirds of the franchise was sold for 170,000 dollars. In 1967, Carl Scheer bought the team for just below one million dollars. After the team joined

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