The Deception in Macbeth

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N UTRITION IN HUMANS Various organs of the digestive system are : Mouth Esophagus (food pipe ) Stomach Small intestine Large intestine Glands associated are : salivary glands Pancreas Liver. PROCESS OF DIGESTION - 1 ) STAGE INGESTION - food is taken into the mouth . 2 ) STAGE DIGESTION - digestion of the food begins in the mouth. * mouth cavity ( bucal cavity ) contains teeth + tongue + salivary glands . * teeth help in physical digestion by cutting the food into small pieces , chewing it and grinding it . * salivary glands secrete saliva which help in the chemical digestion of the food apart from making it wet . * tongue helps in mixing this broken food with saliva – which wets the food in our mouth so that it can be swallowed more easily . * saliva contains enzyme – salivary amylase which digests the starch present in the food into sugar . * because food remains in the mouth only for a short time , so the digestion of the food remains incomplete in the mouth . * slightly digested food is swallowed by tongue and goes to food pipe ( Oesophagus) . * oesophagus carries food to stomach .This happens because walls of the food pipe have muscles which can contract and expand alternatively as the slightly digested food enters it . The contraction and expansion movements of the walls of the food pipe is called peristaltic movement. STAGE OF DIGESTION IN STOMACH ---------food is further digested in stomach . 1. Its churned for about 3 hours. 2. During this time food breaks down into still smaller pieces and forms a semi solid state . 3. Stomach walls (lining contains) 3 tubular glands in its walls . These glands secrete gastric juice Gastric juice conatins :::::::: HCL +
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