Crohn's Disease Essay

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There are two most common inflammatory bowel diseases or IB. the first is known as Crohn's disease and the second is ulcerative colitis. These two diseases are causing the intestines to have severe inflammation and both Crohn's disease e and ulcerative colitis have similar symptoms and diagnostics. These two diseases are very dangerous and affect around one million Americans at any one time. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are two different forms of IBD. Crohn's disease is known to affect any part of the gastrointestinal system from the anus to the mouth. Ulcerative colitis is known to only affect the colon. Crohn’s diseases inflammation includes the full thickness of the bowels and ulcerative colitis only the inside layer of the bowels is typically affected. Ulcerative colitis to a greater extent of cancer but both Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are a type of cancer. When food is swallowed it goes through the feeding tube which is also known as the esophagus. Food then passes through the stomach to where it is then digested. Digested food leaves the stomach and goes to the small intestine. The small intestine digests most nutrients and the nutrients are absorbed into the body. From there the food and fibers finally then enters the colon where it is absorbed and forms stools. The last part of the colon, the sigmoid colon and rectum stores the stools before being excreted. The colon consists of six sections including the ascending colon, the transverse colon, the descending colon, the sigmoid colon, the rectum, and the anus. The intestinal walls consist is three layers. The inside layer is the mucosa and it is responsible for the digestion and absorption of food. The middle layer is known as muscle that helps push the food threw the intestines. Last is the outer layer of the intestines that is known as the serosa. The serosa is a smooth so that

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