The Consorts of Hindu Triad

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The Consorts of the Hindu Triad In Hindu mythology the universe is kept in a perpetual cycle, balanced by the Gods of the trimurti, or triad. The creator Brahma, the preserver Vishnu, and the destroyer Shiva make the Triad. Shakti is the divine feminine energy that supplies all power in the universe. The consorts of the trimurti, are Brahma’s Saraswati; Vishnu’s Lakashmi; and Shiva’s Parvati. Durga is the husband-less goddess, representing the core of every goddess , and the purest form of Shakti energy.Without the presence of Shaki energy given to the Gods, these powerful deities would be quite powerless; Shakti is the driving force of creation and keeps the cosmic balance alive and working. The divine feminine is paramount and worshiped regularly in the Hindu religion. Saravati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, artistic skill, and fine speech. Speech and knowledge play an important role in Hinduism. Alain Danielou points out: “ Speech is the power through which knowledge expresses itself through action. Saravati is the source of ‘creation by the world’, which runs parallel the the Visible ‘creation in terms of forms’” (44). Known for her wisdom and learning, she became the mother of the Vedas, sacred text. As the consort of Brahma, Saravati enables his functions in the creation of all things to be carried out with full potential. Without the Shakti of Sarasvati, the wandering mind of Brahma takes over, creating turmoil in the cosmic balance. Brahma turned to Saravati learning clarity in his bewitched mind. Her worshipers value her because she tamed the wandering mind of Brahma. Today Saravati is still worshiped. Her statues are in schools and libraries as well as the entrance of music halls. This does not go the same for Brahma. According to legend when it was time to transcend from the earth walk to the spiritual realm, Saravati still had much to do

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