Genesis Blue Creation Myths

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I decided to write my paper on the Genesis and out of the blue creation myths. In the book of Genesis, it states that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was said to be formless and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. The Spirit of God moved over the surface of the waters and created light. God separated the light from darkness. The light was called day and the darkness called night. This was the first day and on the second day God separated the waters from the waters. God called the expanse heaven. On the third day, God made the earth and the sea. He also made plants and other vegetation bearing seed and fruit trees with fruit. On the third day, God created stars at night and signs for seasons,…show more content…
They were not suitable for him so He put man into a deep sleep and took his rib and from it God fashioned a woman. The serpent of the garden tempted the woman into eating the forbidden fruit and she talked her husband into doing so as well. They both then realized they were naked and made loin coverings out of leaves. They heard the sound of God in the garden and hid from Him. He called out to the man and the man said I heard you in the garden and I hid from you because I was naked. God then said how did you know you were naked? Did you eat from the tree which I commanded you not to? Then the man said my wife gave me the fruit and I ate it. God cursed the man, the woman and the serpent and sent the man and the woman out of the Garden of Eden. In the creation myth “Out of the Blue”, a maiden named Sky Woman received a message from her deceased father instructing her to go and marry a stranger. She did as she was told and traveled to the place her father had told her to go. Even though she was a strong woman, she was also very strange and was conned into jumping down a hole of her world and consequently creates the human…show more content…
The male significance in this creation myth is very important, because God created man in His own image and from man He created woman. In “Out of the Blue”, the creator was a female and her significance in this myth is extremely important as well. The story of Sky Woman, as she is called in some versions of the narrative, illustrates not only a nature origin myth with the coupling of the divine woman and the tree of life, through which Sky Woman bears a daughter that she considers to make her complete; a form of divine origin offering this society an identity and legitimacy. (Leonard & McClure, 2004) This story is primarily an example of Doniger’s emphasis on the importance of considering the context under which myths were developed because the story depicts a powerful woman creating the human world within a society that bases many of its structural procedures and political offices on matriarchal bloodlines. The story of Sky Woman illustrates for this society that women are divine, powerful and wise. When Sky Woman follows the instructions of her dead father instead of listening to her mother, she is paired with a man who deceives her. Thus, men are represented as being unwise and deceitful. In fact, any dealings with any male throughout the story result in a perceived tragedy initially. One of the sons that her daughter bears (Bud) insists on exiting the body of Sky Woman’s daughter from a location

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