The Cold War - Thirteen Days

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From the down fall of World War II, a major mid-life crisis; you could call it, began with an eye opening development of a relationship between the Soviet Union and America. It was compressed as American citizens were in fear of communist attack and the fear of Russia’s fear of America’s atomic bomb. This began the Cold War. It then trailed off to many different minor military tension and uncertainty, leading to the Berlin Blockade, Berlin Wall, The Iron Curtain, Bay of Pigs and one of the most famous, ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’. The following paragraphs summarizes up an essay relating and analyzing the events that took place between 1945 and 1962 period and how it affected the world’s views on Europe and the publics view. You’ll also read a interpretation or reenactment from the historical source of the film ‘Thirteen days’, explaining how Robert.F.Kennedy dealt with the thought of, maybe the first Nuclear War..the world would ever witness. All interpretations of the orthodox Americans and Cubans will be expressed. The Cold War was a name given to describe the relationship between the Soviet Union and America between 1945 to 1980. Neither side fought each other as the consequences and the death toll would be too appalling. It sustained political and military tension between the powers of the communist world, led by the Soviet Union and the Western World, led by the United States and it’s NATO allies. Throughout this period, conflict was expressed through espionage, weapons development, invasions, military coalitions and propaganda. It was mostly caused by American fear of communist attack, Russia’s fear of the American’s atomic bomb, Russia’s dislike of capitalism and Russia’s aim of spreading world communism. The Cold War was so named as it never accompanied any direct military action, as both sides were crazed by nuclear weapons. A rhythm of calm followed a
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