Cuban Missle Crisis- Thirteen Days Accurate

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The Cuban missile crisis was one of the most tense periods of the cold war, with World War 3 threatening to break out some very tough decision needed to be made by the USA and the USSR. With the USSR setting up nuclear weapons in Cuba that could reach the white house in 5 minutes created a huge threat to the USA, of which were left to make some choices that have the nations fate in their hands. They originally set out to create a blockade of all Russian ships coming into Cuba. From there negotiations were made that the USSR would agree to remove their weapons. This is all said to have gone down in thirteen days of which a dramatised movie was created title “thirteen days”, which tries to recreate the tension of the Cuba Missile crisis. The factual content of the Movie: Thirteen days portrays some of the Crisis very well and other parts are not quite right, but still is full of facts from the Crisis. The movie’s less than perfect historical faithfulness is more than offset by its presentation of three essential truths about the missile crisis. The first such truth is that it was a real crisis in the medical sense of involving life or death. The film manages to convey the mounting risk of global catastrophe. It accurately reproduces some of the restrained but anguished debate from the secret tapes, and it intersperses extraordinarily realistic footage of Soviet missile sites being hurriedly readied in jungle clearings, of American U-2s swooping over them, and of bombers, carrier aircraft, and U.S. missiles preparing for action. Thirteen Days makes comprehensible the awful predicament that President Kennedy faced. This would have been a hard thing for the film to create, but without this I think the film could have been such a factual one without making people realise how hard of a decision this was to make for Kennedy. Although this is all positives, the movie

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