The Chrysalids Book Report

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John Wyndham’s book, The Chrysalids, shows a direct connection to the cold war. Written in 1955 at the time of the conflict between Americans and Russians, Wyndham clearly states his opinions and beliefs as to what could happen if we don’t change our ways. Waknuk, a small town representing the remnants of a nuclear war, are so scared of not being the true image of God. Without knowing it, they are actually the ones destroying how God intended it to be. Wyndham himself is witnessing how evil the world is becoming through the arms race and build up of new more powerful weapons. His direct links to what happened in the cold war make us, the readers, believe he is writing this book as though predicting the future of our world. As far as the town of Waknuk is concerned, there is no need…show more content…
The characters in The Chrysalids needed a change just like the Americans and Russians were fighting for change. The title of the book also signifies changes need to take place. The word “chrysalid” could be related to a chrysalis which is the state in where butterflies and moths are before they turn to their full grown state. Everyone in the novel could be considered a chrysalis. David and the telepaths are stuck in a ‘coccon,’ awaiting their chance to become ‘butterflies’ or to finally feel accepted in the world without having to hide who they are. Since the cold war was more of a military build up, threats and spying, everyone involved could also be considered a chrysalis. Without actual physical fighting and outbreaks both countries were stuck. Noone could agree but everyone knew change needed to take place. Our society is exactly like that. We need to make a change as soon as possible. It is the only way to reach our full potential and start making the world a better place to live because if we don’t it will just keep getting worse. We, today were represented by the “old people,” who were destroyed by a nuclear
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