Rational Choice Theory In Fail Safe

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Rational Choice Theory in “Fail Safe” In the movie “Fail Safe” the President of United States of America meets issues that create security dilemma between two nations where he has to make certain hypothesis, assumptions, and correct decisions that will be consequential to the United States as country as well as a nation. Being at the state of Cold War, United States and Soviet Union were trying to avoid and prevent limited war that would lead to Mutual Assured Destruction of two nations. However, due to technological failure one of the USA bombers gets false signal to bomb Moscow with two by twenty megaton bombs and US cannot reach the bombers because Soviet Union was jamming US radio system. As the Commander Chief of United States of America, the President has to deal with Rational Choice Theory to stop the bombing of Moscow. He has to make assumptions why all this happened, what should be done to stop Group Six from accomplishing their mission, and if the bombers will not be stopped and the bombs will be dropped what should be done to even the situation. All of these were very essential to the problem, but the first thing that President had to do is to assure Soviet Union that the created situation was just a “mechanical failure” and US did not try to provoke the war. The first decision that President made was ordering to destroy the Group Six before they enter Russian border. President tried to order the bombers to turn back and cancel the bombing of Moscow; however, General Grady did not fulfill the order. It was a hard decision to order to destroy the American bombers but President did not have any choice. After the fighters did not succeed to shut down Group Six and they went down in to the sea, President called Mr. Chairman to notify him of the existed problem. The Security Dilemma is created on both sides because when the bombers step on the Russian

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