The Character Holden Caulfield In The Catcher In The Rye

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In The Catcher in the Rye the main character Holden Caulfield displays a wide variety of interesting character traits that generations of readers have explored an attempted to figure out. The traits include lonesome, lying and fake. Some of my claims may not be very strong but they're well in their own roots. My job writing this essay is to prove to you that those are valid character traits and I'm going to do just that. So sit back and try to make sense of me making sense of a character that thousands of other English students have tried to make sense of. Holden is a lonesome kind of a guy, as a good amount of teenagers are in the sense that he has a hard time fitting to someone. By that I mean he doesn't really click with any other person’s personality. He just sees everyone as a friendly acquaintance(besides Jane who he likes). Throughout the story he's always just about to call someone but always makes up an excuse not to. We can assume its not because it's "that late" because he doesn't give strong enough evidence that his younger sister would be asleep. He doesn't even give anyone a heads up to where he's going. The other amounts of deductions I could make on this are infinite but that would take much longer to explain. Another one of this traits happens to be that's he's an exceptionally good liar. He's…show more content…
His character is one of the most beloved and well known in American literature and a lot of other people no doubt have probably come to my very deductions on his character. He's an very well shaped and thought of character that many of America's youth can connect with even today. Rebellion hasn't changed even with a 50 year gap. On another note, as Holden is an unreliable narrator and "liar" is one of his traits(as well as the story being told this his perspective), how do we know these events actually happened and we're not seeing a sort of doctored version? I guess we could never
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