Don't Call Me Ishmael

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Don’t Call Me Ishmael Theme- The Novel “Don’t Call Me Ishmael” written by Michael Gerard Bauer has many different themes which can be discussed. One of the main themes of the book is bullying. This is shown when Barry Bagsley and his ‘friends’ start to pick on Ishmael because of his name, calling him such things as fish-tail. Some other themes of the novel are friendship, teamwork and relationships. The theme of friendship is shown in many cases in this novel, one of the main times is when Ishmael befriends James Scobie, even knowing that it would cause him to be bullied even more. Another time it is shown is near the end of the novel when Ishmaels friend makes plans for him and another boy from the debating team to see a movie and go over to each other’s houses in the holidays. Characters- Some of the distinguishing features about Ishmael are that he speaks like a normal teenage boy, although sometimes he uses words that most kids his age wouldn’t even know the meaning of. One of his main distinguishing features is that he is very shy and afraid to speak up or stand up for himself when confronted by Barry Bagsley, This results on him being picked on even more because the bully knows that he won’t stand up for himself of confront him. Ishmael is a bit of an outcast in the School society, he starts off having no friends but after the arrival of James Scobie and being forced into the debating team. He makes a little group of friends with people that are outcasts like him. Ishmael doesn’t greatly represent good or evil, he is neutral in sorts. This is because the typical ‘Good’ character stands up for what he believes in and stands up for his friends, whilst Ishmael hides from his problems and doesn’t stand up for his beliefs. Near the end of the book Ishmael does show some signs of being a ‘Good Guy’ though. This is because he has the chance to

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