Final Project Proposal: Domestic Violence

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Carla J. Brown – Final Project Proposal TH 450 Anthony Camino Domestic Violence The topic I have chosen for the final project is domestic violence. According to the Webster dictionary, domestic is defined as anything related to the household, family, or home. Violence is defined from the same source as anything causing harm to a person whether physical or emotional. (Merriam & Webster, 2012, pp. 243 & 880) Together the definition of domestic violence is defined as any physical or emotional abuse that occurs to any member of the family from the home. Did you know that 1 in 4 women report experiencing domestic violence in their lifetimes? ( This is not a subject to…show more content…
It may seem safer than living a life of grinding poverty.” This is a subject that throughout the years continues to be an issue, many people don’t speak about their abuse and many people who see abuse say nothing. The victim may have a difficult time talking about the abuse due to fear of being harmed more, fear of no one listening, or fear of embarrassment. The onlooker of abuse may feel that they should not intrude or that they may feel inadequate to have a solution to the issue. In the article A Few Good Men it is reports that “Jesus was not afraid to tackle the injustices of the society of his day. He reached out to the hurting and marginalized, bringing compassion and healing.” ( In the bible according to John 4:1-54 (paraphrasing) Jesus came to a well in which a Samaritan woman was collecting water. This Samaritan woman was not only an outcast of her people, but was not well liked because she was Samaritan by the Jerusalem people. Jesus reached out to the Samaritan woman and helped to fill her heart with the kind of love she was searching for and told her he was the Messiah she was searching for. Bottom line is that Jesus was not…show more content…
With domestic violence the victim is at times often isolated from others in order to keep them quiet or to hide the abuse; CST supports solidarity of all people. People should be independent and able to make their own choices; no one should have the right to take that from an individual. God wants all people to have individuality and his only want is for people to follow what his words have provided. Another CST that would apply is family. According to Massaro, family is an area that is intimate where people will cooperate, it is how children learn about themselves, identify who they are, and how to socialize with society. (Massaro, 2012, p. 87) If a child is growing up in a home where domestic violence occurs, their safety in the family is jeopardized. Children learn firsthand from their parents what is right and wrong, a child sees violence and may think, “Daddy is hitting mommy so it is okay for me to hit too.” Another part of family would be the isolation that an abuser sometimes causes the victim from other people in their family such as parents. Many times the abuser wants full control of the victim and does not want other family members involved. It is a control issue for the abuser and most of the time they want the victim all to themselves, and even children being born will cause the abuser to feel his victims attention is no

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