“the Bolsheviks Were Able to Overthrow the Provisional Government Because They Had the Support of the Russian People and Armed Forces.” Do You Agree with This View?

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“The Bolsheviks were able to overthrow the Provisional Government because they had the support of the Russian people and armed forces.” Do you agree with this view? On the 7th of November in 1917, the Bolsheviks, who were led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, overthrew the Provisional Government, which was led by Alexander Kerensky, after the long revolt against them. The Provisional Government initially came to power after the February revolution; after the Russian monarchy was overthrown in March of 1917. There are many different interpretations and opinions from historians; many suggest that the Bolsheviks were hugely supported by the ordinary people and citizens of Russia. Others indicate that their rise to power and the overthrow of the Provisional Government was more influenced by the faults and failures of the Provisional Government. The Provisional Government was never in full control of Russia, their power was shared with the Soviets, thus when the Bolsheviks and the Soviets banded together; it shoved the Provisional Government on a rocky road downwards, while the Bolsheviks rose and seized power from them. The Soviets were a great influence in the Bolsheviks surge to power; their leader, Leon Trotsky, and the Bolshevik leader, Vladimir Lenin, began working together in 1917 after Lenin was appointed head of the Bolshevik party and together they drew the support away from Kerensky and the Mensheviks, and introduced his ideas of reform to the lower and middle classes. The class system worked to the Bolsheviks advantage because all of the lower classes needed help and Lenin's ideas for revolution all coincided with the peoples wants and needs, which in turn gained Lenin and the Bolsheviks the support of the lower classes. Trotsky worked to obtain the support by going to events and giving speeches, such as the one he gave on the 22nd of October in 1917, in which he
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