Teenage Representation Essay

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Teenage Representation Essay Teenagers are represented as naive, experimenters, self-conscious about their body image, the importance of having a relationship, the need to belong and to have aggressive and violent behaviour. The author of these short stories have begun to expose the disgustingly ugly truth behind the bullying and all the rage Friday night drink till you vomit into the bushes or do something stupid like in ‘Primal Scream written by Melissa Gulbin’ and get there skin scorched off their bodies then rushed off to hospital. Teenagers in these short stories they have the importance of teenage relationships. For example, the young girl in ‘Chameleon Girl written by Poppy J. Rudd’ , where she was wondering around looking for her boyfriend and feeling lost without him. She doesn’t know what to do without him there with her at the party so, she stumbles into the bathroom. Where there was hygienic products scattered all over the room. Taking a bottle of pills out of the cabinet thinking it was some vitamin b supplement she shook one out and threw it into her mouth only to have it vomited out and flow down the toilet. The teenagers these days are exactly the same as one that’s in this story and it’s the truth. We are so dependent on how we look and if were popular with our pears that we don’t show the real side to us and have a fake image that projects to everyone. But sooner or later our charade falters and crumbles into dust leaving your real personality. All though you lose some friendships, you can develop more real friendships on truth and honesty. In the ‘Little Red Hen written by Diane Blacklock’ he main character, Meg was shown to be naïve to the opposite sex, when she saw him on the train she thought that from one look that he was hot and also she believed in her mind that he was a ‘nice guy’. So when he came into the chicken shop after she was
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