Technology - Is It Vital for Our Survival Essay

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People use technology regularly, it is sometimes difficult to see how technology manifests in the broader scope. Furthermore, technology is constantly expanding and growing whether through new computer technology, faster methods of food preparation, or fuel efficient cars. Debates are constantly arising over whether the effects of technology are positive or negative. The answer to that question is highly individualized because of varying perceptions of what is important and what is not. Understanding the multiple effects of technology on society are key to determining how technology will continue to influence the world. Discussing every single way that technology affects society is impossible because both the terms "technology" and "society" are all encompassing. Society is composed of families, religious groups, environmental crusaders, students, workers, the unemployed, and everyone else who lives in a particular area. Technology itself affects people from sonograms in the womb to the mechanical plows that dig their graves. Technology is constantly evolving, and peoples' lives are always changing alongside. Does Technology Help Us? Technology has the ability to create shortcuts in working and can make tasks easier. Solid examples are cars, calculators and phones, through technology life may be faster but is also easier. Just think, before telephones, emails and fax machines, there were trains, carriages and the pony express with the modes of traveling we have now we have been able to make the world smaller so to speak. With technology we enjoy luxuries such as movies, television, fresh food and refrigerators, ovens to cook on and bake in. The Internet has made a huge impact on our society by virtually connecting the entire world in an instant. Not only do you have instant access to someone on the other side of the world in real time, but you also have access
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