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Tanglewood Case # 3 Tanglewood Case Study # 3 Evaluate data related to Tanglewood’s historical recruiting methods to determine the effectiveness for each method. Use the data in your responses. Using the information obtained from step one provide recommendations for how Tanglewood should recruit employees in the future. * Recruiting guide for Store Associates * Position: Store Associates * Reports to: Store Manager * Market: Western Washington * Timeline: Open Pipeline * Recruiting Efforts: Employee Referrals, Posting to Company’s Job Board, Newspapers, Radio, Television, Upload to Kiosk, State Job Services, Staffing Agencies * Staffing Team: Hiring Managers, Dept. Managers, & Team/Shift Leaders * Budget: Limited – min. 3,000 – max 6,000 Tanglewood definitely has a high turnover rate of 50%, therefore, keeping an open pipeline of candidates is a smart business move. Also, since there is not a minimum qualification for Sales Associates the open pipeline will work in great numbers for Tanglewood. First area of Tanglewood is the Western region of Washington. I was surprise to see that this was the only region that was using 4 out of 5 recruiting methods. Since there is a budget, I would recommend too stay away from as much media use unless a specific hiring event is coming up. As we all know media advertising can use up all of the budget before you know it. With that being said, the cost for Job Services, Employee Referrals, & Posting to Company’s Job Board - would be the most cost effective and tend to generate a higher retention and low turnover rate. The Eastern Washington region is only using three out of five recruiting methods. Referrals are the one they are using effectively. Even though they are using media and kiosk for recruiting and the cost is high, the retention rate is lower. I think the retention

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